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Aske Raaschouw, Sif Juhl dan Jesper Fels Birkelund, tiga wisatawan asal Denmark saat berbincang dan foto bersama di salah satu café yang cukup ternama di Kota Relijius Tomohon. (Foto: Victor Wuwung/

A Visit From Denmark


In the midst of bustling of the people of Tomohon in celebrating Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ, an interesting view can be seen in one of the well-known café in religious city of Tomohon. A couple of groups of foreign travelers are enjoying their drinks and snacks while chatting among each other. tries to start a conversation with a friendly introduction with one of the group that seems to be backpackers (independent travelers – no travel agent – that enjoys and interested in local situations as well as sight-seeing) with no tour-guide, and ask them about their impressions about their visit in Tomohon city.

“We’ve visited Mt. Lokon to see the (Tompaluan) crater, Lake Linow and the local (traditional) market” said Aske Raaschouw a traveler from Denmark who are traveling with his friends, Sif Juhl and Jesper Birkelund.

During their two days stayed in Tomohon, they’ve experience and admired the beauty of the nature and local’s social life. In Tomohon they chose to stay in one of the local hotel located in Beriman Terminal complex.

“There isn’t much to see here, are there somethings we missed?” said Aske, asking back. then suggested, Mt. Mahawu and horticulture-tourism in Rurukan and Kumelembuai village.

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