Stefy E Tanor, Ketua Umum Investasi UMKM Indonesia.
Stefy E Tanor, Ketua Umum Investasi UMKM Indonesia.

Tomohon, a city of flower?


TOMOHON, PUBLIKREPORTcom – Stefi Tanor, Chief-General Investment of Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurship (UMKM) in Indonesia, in weighing the identity of Tomohon city as Flower-City said that the Grill is far from the.

“Feels like euphoria and prominence that didn’t contribute significantly to the growth of local economy  including the people. If effected, it can be confirmed that it’s not profound,” said Stefi to, Sunday, June 3rd, 2018.

This critique is worth to be mentioned considering that the identity of Tomohon city as a flower city had stick for 15.

“15 years is long enough. The title of flower city isn’t only supported by the nature potential but also real its implementation.” Stated one of the Establishment committees of Tomohon as a city.

This implementation, must be realized by the government of Tomohon city into action in form of well-thought plan and development,” further explained

“It’s the governments job. In reality, flower activists and merchants in Tomohon city have been around even before Tomohon was established as a city. Way back after the era of Permesta, along the main road in Kakaskasen II have been flower farmers. What kind of change occurs with the Flower-city labelling? Does Tomohon city worth the title? Said Stefi.

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