Aset bangunan yang berada di Kelurahan Kayawu, Kecamatan Tomohon Utara, Kota Tomohon yang tak kunjung difungsikan Pemerintah Kota Tomohon. (foto:
Aset bangunan yang berada di Kelurahan Kayawu, Kecamatan Tomohon Utara, Kota Tomohon yang tak kunjung difungsikan Pemerintah Kota Tomohon. (foto:

Tomohon City Government Abandons Many Expensive Assets


TOMOHON, PUBLIKREPORTcom – In a number of villages in the city of Tomohon, North Sulawesi Province (Sulut) there are many assets of the Tomohon City Government that are not functioning. These assets, including resting areas in Kinilow Village, North Tomohon Subdistrict, seed hall in Woloan, West Tomohon District, waste processing buildings in Pinaras Village, South Tomohon Subdistrict, Waste Water Treatment Plant (IPAL) in Kakaskasen, North Tomohon District and food barns and waste processing facilities in Kayawu Village, North Tomohon District. Each one of these building units is estimated to be worth around Rp 200-500 million and even billions of rupiah.

“The place for processing organic waste in the Pinaras Village has been completed since 2015. But until now it has never been used, only access roads have never been made. It’s already two lurah, but there is absolutely no information on its utilization, “said Jenly Ering, a resident of Pinaras Village.

Freddy Rombon, a resident of Kayawu Urban Village, admitted that he was confused at the attitude of the Tomohon City Government (City Government) who did not care about the two buildings which were built in succession in 2016 and 2017, namely food barns and rice / corn drying in Kayawu.

“It has never been used since it was built. Wonder. Impressed just chasing the project. “At least the Food Security Agency programmed it must be responsible with this building worth around Rp. 300 million,” he said.

Elias Lasut, a Kayawu community leader, suspects the motivation for the construction of a polling station in addition to a food granary of around Rp.550 million, only to make a profit by certain individuals.

“The existence of this polling station has been rejected by residents. But the government at that time insisted despite having to evict the funeral. Now just look at the incident, it’s left useless. Even though it has already spent hundreds of millions of rupiah in state funds. As well as destroying dozens of ancestral tombs that established our village, “he said.

The Head of Kayawu Village, Jeane Lala, when he was confirmed, explained that there was information about the food barn from the Food Security Service that would soon be utilized. As the manager, Kayawu is a self-help group (KSM).

While regarding the TPS that was built by the Tomohon City Government in collaboration with the North Sulawesi Provincial Government, Jeane admitted, his side had not been able to do anything because there had been no surrender from the provincial government.

“We have already formed this TPS manager. But we cannot start because the provincial government has not submitted it to the kelurahan, “he explained. | translated by google

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