Genealogy Book of the Big Families of North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi) and even throughout Indonesia.
Genealogy Book of the Big Families of North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi) and even throughout Indonesia.

Ancestry Lineage in North Sulawesi, Even in Indonesia Coming Soon


TOMOHON, – The Turang Family from Tomohon, Tataaran, Remboken, Tondano, Ratatotok and Likupang, Sunday, May 26, 2019, afternoon, gathered at the Turang-Supit Family’s house, precisely at Naga Mas Shop located on Sreko Street, Kolongan Village 1, Central Tomohon District, Tomohon City, North Sulawesi Province (North Sulawesi). This meeting was initiated by North Sumatra’s Rukun Turang Management and Indonesian Rukun Turang Management.

“Today’s meeting (Sunday, May 26 2019, red) is to improve the family tree of the Turang Family and Turang website and discuss other matters,” said the Chairman of the Indonesian Community Association, Rev. Raymond Joy Walean MTh and Chairperson of the North Sumatra Pillars. , Corneles ‘Aweng’ Turang.

The meeting of the Turang Family, according to Joy, had been held for the second time in Tomohon, located at the home of the Corneles Family ‘Aweng’ Turang-Supit.

“Hopefully this meeting until the next meetings will further strengthen the Turang brotherhood and the Turang website can be launched soon. The Turang Family Tree Lineage website is currently in the testing phase, “he explained.

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After the trial phase, Joy continued, the Turang Family Family Genealogy website will be launched soon and can be accessed by the entire Turang Family or other communities.

“Maybe this website of the Great Family Genealogy will be the first time in the world. “The genealogy of the Great Family continues to be refined with input from all of you, relatives,” he said.

Hard work

For the hard work that has been done by Rev. Raymond Joy Walean STh MTh who has tirelessly collected data on the genealogy of the Turang Family in all of Indonesia, it is highly appreciated by the relatives of Turang.

“What extraordinary pastor Joy has made. He seemed tireless, traveling around North Sulawesi, even Indonesia, visiting the scattered family of Turang to complete the genealogy of the Big Family, “said Arnold Corneles Turang, representing another Turang.

Arranging pedigree, Arnold said, was not an easy thing. It takes sacrifice of time and energy and a great gift of self.

“Patience, sacrifice and many definite challenges faced to perfect the genealogy of the Great Family. However, finally the genealogy began to be completed, just to be equipped with the latest data, “he said. | TRANSLATED BY GOOGLE

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