Legal-standing of Acting Hukum-Tua in Minahasa, the government is questioned


TONDANO, – In Minahasa regency of North-Sulawesi Province, consists of nearly 100 villages currently led by Acting-Elder, Penjabat Hukum-Tua (Pj. Kumtua, A title for elected village leaders in Minahasa’s culture). The acting official had served for over a year. A number of community stake-holders have questioned the policy of the government of Minahasa Regency.

as far as I know, acting-elder official have to be a Pegawai Negeri Sipil (PNS, state-civil-employee), but somehow we kept a non-PNS (as acting-elder).”, said Wellem Sumual, a community figure in one of the village in Langowan on Friday, August 16th 2019.

To make matter worst, according to Wellem, with th status “Pj.” (acting official), but the work performance has not change.

perhaps he is no longer desire to be Elder.” He measures.

Similar statemeant expressed by Frets Ngantung, a villager of East Ranotongkor, East Tombariri district, Minahasa regency. According to him the government of Minahasa regency have to follow and obey the law regarding the appointment of acting elder.

if I’m not mistaken, the State-Law (Undang-Undang) No. 6 of 2014 concerning Village stated that acting elder official have to be status as a state-employee, but why is it the acting elder here stays, even-though his official term has concluded. Also, he is not a state-employee.” He said.

According to Johnny Manengkey, a community figure in Tombulu district, the people questioning the status of acting elder have surfaced post Regent election (Pemilihan Kepala daerah) in Minahasa in 2018.

it goes without saying that the acting elder position is still given to the prior elder, even though his/her terms have concluded, as a reward to supporting RR-RD at the regent election in 2018.” He said.

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