DinPUPR Clean Water Project, citizens complaint


TOMOHON, PUBLIKREPORTcom – a number of citizens of Tomohon, mainly in North and East district complaints about the clean water project from The Department of Public Work and Spatial Planning (Dinas Pekerjaan Umum dan Penataaan Ruang, DinPUPR) of Tomohon City, from the 2018 – 2019 city budget. The problem these citizens are saying that the project was never completed, even to say that it was broken before used. They suspect that the project was not constructed according to the plan and regulation.

“Ever since it was installed in 2018, it only worked once, and that was during testing. It was leaking everywhere at that time, then immediately shutdown. Since then, it was never been used anymore”, Johanis Lala said, a citizen from subdistrict of Walian, North-Tomohon District.

This matter according to Johanis, as seems that it was neglected by the government through the concerning department, even though with suspicion of budget loss.

“as if this problem was neglected and swept under the rug. The government and legislatives didn’t care, even when the project was budgeted high.” He said.

Separately, Marten Kalele, a citizen from subdistrict of Rurukan I, East-Tomohon district said that the clean water pipes that was installed in subdistrict of Rurukan I was never been utilize because it was leaking and the pipes are blocking the gutter.

“the person in charge of the state budgeting in Tomohon is absolutely outrageous. What good is the government and legislatives in this matter, they can’t even ensure the clean water project.” He said firmly.

The official of Department of Public Work and Spatial Planning of Tomohon City when repeatedly tried to confirm was always out.

“the person in charge of the project is on field work. You can check back later.” Said one of the department’s staff last week.

Proyek Air Bersih DinPUPR Dikeluhkan Warga

Johny Runtuwene, one of the Council members of People’s Representative (Anggota Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah, DPRD) of Tomohon when asked for opinion said that he cannot speak specifics concerning the matter.

“As people’s representative we are obliged to ensure that all the people problems are handled by the respected department. But for now, we cannot yet intervene to much since the city’s council haven’t yet form (political) fractions and commissions.”. He said.

According to Johny, clean water is a crucial matter that demands serious actions from the government.

“extended dry season and clean water crisis in some areas are indeed a sensitive issue today that demands a comprehensive action. The government will have to act swiftly, moreover when there are technical issue or violation in the project. This needs to be underlined.”. he said firmly. | Translated by VICTORIE WUWUNG

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