Littering in Rurukan, the people said the government isn’t taking it seriously
Various kinds of trash littered in one of the ravine at Rurukan Subdistrict, East-Tomohon district, Tomohon city, North-Sulawesi. This location seems to have been an illegal TPS (Tempat Pembuangan Sampah), a landfill. Thus polluting the environment.

Littering in Rurukan, the people said the government isn’t taking it seriously


TOMOHON, one of the spots on the old road that connects Rurukan and Kumelembuai subdistrict, East-Tomohon District, Tomohon city, North-Sulawesi Province, have become landfill. The alleged illegal landfill has been there for quite some time.

You could estimate it yourself how long have this became landfill. Its been years for sure. The government isn’t serious in banning (littering); thus, it comes to where we are now.” Said WP also known as Buang, a citizen of Rurukan subdistrict on Saturday, September 21st, 2019.

In his observation, tens even hundreds of cubic of garbage have pilled up the ravine which bellow flows a river. The even narrow road has been crushed even more due to this environmental pollution.

The concerning (government) department must have known this. There is a river flowing bellow, not to mention there is an elementary school nearby. Littering is illegal because it pollutes the environment.” He said.

Berce Mamuaya, a local community figure admits that the location has been an alternatives landfill.

The government have prohibited, but lacking in assertiveness, and here we are.” Said the former Hukum Tua (Village-elder official).

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