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Warga, petani Kelurahan Tondangow yang tergabung dalam Tim Khusus (Timsus) saat akan mengadakan pertemuan dengan Pemerintah Kelurahan Tondangow, Selasa 19 Maret 2019. Petani akan menyampaikan aspirasi terkait pengeboran LHD 24 di Perkebunan Ranomea yang telah merusak lahan pertanian dan mencemari lingkungan sekitar. (foto:

Long Conflict of Tondangow Farmers and PT PGE Lahendong Area


TOMOHON, – “Nearly 20 years the residents and farmers here have been occupied by the Lahendong Area PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE),” said Frans Daniel, Community Leader of Lahendong Village, Tomohon Selatan District, Tomohon City, North Sulawesi Province (Sulut) , Tuesday, March 19, 2019, during a meeting with the Government of Tondangow Village, represented by the Head of Public Affairs, Herry Kapoh.

Frans was not alone in conveying his wishes, he was with the Special Team (Timsus) personnel. This team is a resident of the land at Ranomea Plantation which is a geothermal drilling location with a code LHD 24 (by PT PGE Lahendong Area).

A long conflict between the farmer and PT PGE Lahendong Area seemed to peak at the meeting. Angry faces and angry looks. They hope that the government and DPRD of Tomohon City can be present in the midst of this prolonged conflict. Hope also for PT PGE Lahendong Area to pay attention to the aspirations of the farmers.

“PGE treats us like pimpong balls,” Frans said irritably.

Frans admitted, in the period of 2011-2013, PT PGE Lahendong Area had provided a refund for the damage they caused. Affected families received IDR 2-3 million, continuing in 2014,

“In 2015, they have broken the agreement, until now,” he said.

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